Georg Sachs Prize

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Georg Sachs Prize

With the Georg-Sachs Prize, publications, reports or patent applications, that preferably have a close link to Materials science and engineering are honoured. The scientists thesis defence should be a maximum of 12 years in the past at the time of the nomination. The prizewinner is preferably a DGM member.

The Georg Sachs Prize is jointly awarded by the Donor’s Association for Metals (Stifterverband Metalle) and the trade association for the Austrian nonferrous metal industry (Fachverband der Metallindustrie Österreichs).

Tender : Georg Sachs Prize

In 1967, the Donor’s Association for Metals founded a prize which would promote young talent in the field of non-iron metals. With this award, the best accomplishments of young scientists can be annually honoured. The prize is named: “Georg Sachs Prize of the Donor’s Association of Metals and the Trade Association of the Austrian Metal Industry”. With this prize, scientific work is honoured, preferably that which links closely with the field of materials science. 


Submission of proposals for the honours and awards of the DGM

Submissions for the evaluation of candidates should be sent as PDF documents by email to:

Documents: letter of appraisal (1-2 pages), CV, if necessary list of publications and any other information that may help in the evaluation of a candidate.

Suggestion will be accepted every year until 31st August.

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