BMBF - Promotion Innovative Electrochemistry with New Materials

BMBF - InnoEMatPlus

"Innovative Electrochemistry with New Materials - InnoEMat" Initiative as part of the high-tech strategy 

With its "Innovative Electrochemistry with New Materials - InnoEMat" funding initiative, the Federal Government (BMBF) has set its high-tech strategy (HTS) on the promotion of electrochemistry as one of the key technologies to achieve sustainable solutions. The continual expansion of electrochemical know-how will thus strengthen German industry in an international standing and support the most important growth engine in Germany, SMEs. Only interlinked projects are promoted, which have a higher significance and are distinguished by a pronounced level of innovation and a broad range of applications. 

InnoEMatplus: Coordination and networking 

One of the core tasks of the InnoEMatplus project, which is planned for a four-year term, includes the organization of events for a professional exchange between the projects. In addition to a kick-off event, several status conferences are planned, including external experts, to develop maximum professional synergies. Another core task of InnoEMatplus prjoect is the preparation and bundling of the research results to make these special medium-sized, small and micro enterprises accessible. 

The InnoEMatplus collaborative project actively supports projects with a high level of SME participation to enable technology transfer into industrial practice. 

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